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Waiter & Waitress

About the job

• Keep informed of menu items available to customers. Keep informed of all meal courses so as to serve food in the correct sequence.

• Assist the Captain and serve the order directly to customers.

• Frequently check to ensure that tables are neatly organized. Keep informed of any reservations.

• Ensure that reserved tables are set (receptacles, napkins, etc.) as requested.

• Explain the featured menu to customers and upsell. Recommend beverages.

• Kindly respond to, and resolve, any problems customers may be experiencing.

• Keep all furniture, containers and other items at the workplace clean.

• Ensure that the menu items provided to customers match the order taken. Carefully observe customers until their meal is finished.

• Be knowledgeable about food and beverages. (Types of places where food and beverages are provided, their hours of operation, general matters in relation to their use, and the nature of their services)

• Keep informed of auxiliary facilities. (Types of facilities, their sizes, their hours of operation, types of shops leased from the hotel and their products)

• Keep informed of how to access the information that customers may request, as well as the membership system and its related services.

• In the event that a problem arises in facilities or services, report to the Manager and take appropriate measures immediately.

• Receive and handle customer complaints and requests. Readily accept compliments and criticism from the customer.

• When many customers are waiting, lend assistance in guiding the customers.

54 Lieu Giai street, Ba Dinh District

Hà Nội

Business sector
Dịch vụ lưu trú và ăn uống
Company business area
Customer service

About the candidate

Language skills
English fairly good
Previous work experience
Experience in hotel restaurant services preferred.
Desiderable qualifications
College degree and upper.
Willingness to relocate

About the company

Being the first 5-star property of Lotte Group in the capital city of Vietnam, Lotte Hotel Hanoi represents a unique blend of gracious Korean hospitality and colorful Vietnamese culture.
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